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Phoenix Resources offers extensive knowledge and experience in PWB circuit design and electrical engineering. From concept through configuration we're comfortable in both commercial and military environments and are fully proficient in a wide range of state-of-the-art CAD software. This allows us to achieve maximum design flexibility and efficiency.

Whether designing complex BGA and SMT/PTH mixed technology circuits, microwave or complete systems, we have the expertise to develop solutions to accommodate your exacting specifications.

  • Digital, Analog, RF, Microwave & Impedance Matching
  • Environments: Commercial (IPC), Military
  • Software: PADs Power PCB, P-CAD, Auto-CAD,
    Cadence & Orcad


We pride ourselves on our proficiency in electrical engineering. Our experience enables us to quickly grasp the requirements of even the most complex development projects and develop innovative solutions to circuit design, board layout and more.

We've assisted our clients in the development, design and building of hardware and software to monitor, measure and control mechanical, electrical and fluidic systems. Our people specialize in solving the most difficult automation problems, applying ingenuity, in-depth understanding of physical phenomena and materials, and wide ranging expertise in digital and analog electronics, software, user interfaces, networks, fluid controls, motion control systems and measurement techniques.

This expertise, paired with state-of-the-art hardware and software allows us to handle even the most demanding project requirements, schedules and budgets while maintaining the highest levels of quality control.

Whether it's design of your boards, fabrication of prototypes, production level PWBs or complete product development, Phoenix Resources can provide greater flexibility when it comes to meeting your project schedule and budget requirements.

Changing project demands and market conditions can often put a strain on your development schedule. That's why Phoenix Resources offers ISO-9002 compliant printed wiring boards in as little as 24-hours.

Once a design is proven and ready for pre-production, our prototype facilities transfer tooling to allied facilities, which then ramp up production within ISO, MIL-P-55110 & PRF 31032 markets. There is no need to pay for multiple tooling costs. At Phoenix Resources, we're able to eliminate the additional costs often associated with multi-vendor development environments.

Fabrication Capabilities
  • Layer counts to 36+
  • Blind & Buried Via Technology
  • Ball Grid Array Technology
  • Step Lamination
  • 3 and 3 mil Lines & Spaces
  • DFM Engineering Assistance
  • Composite Boards
  • Bonded Heat Sinks
  • All Gold boards
  • White Immersion Tin
  • Immersion & soft Gold
  • Controlled and differential
  • Impedance
  • OSP Coating
  • CB 100 Conductive fill
  • Mixed Dielectric Technology
  • Via in Pad and in Trace

In addition to design, engineering and fabrication, Phoenix Resources also offers additional services to support the needs of our clients.

  • Types I, II, III & IV flexible circuitry
  • Custom cable assemblies
  • Sheet metal fabrication (Enclosures) resources
  • Complete board assembly, kitted or turnkey

Flex & Rigid Flex Circuitry
Quotations turned within 24-Hours on types I, II, III & IV flexible circuitry having both GF and GI construction, up to 20 layers, within a fully compliant and certified MIL-P-550884D environment. Complete CAD/CAM capability offering .007 tracks and .005 spacing with lead times ranging between one and two weeks for single sided and double sided, plated through hole technology and two to three weeks for multilayer and rigid-flex designs.

Both prototype and production capable facilities. In addition to the standard equipment, our resources offer laser cutting of a variety of materials, cutting at 300 inches per minute. In-house CAD/CAM programs include: CADKey and GenCAD for drawings, Inchtops for 2 dimensional (laser) and SMP for 3 dimensional unfold. These programs support DXF, IGS, PLT, DWG & PRT. These capabilities, as well as in-house special processes, such as powder coating, silkscreening & finishing allow us to serve as a complete metal & enclosure resource.

Custom Cables & Harness
We build a wide variety of cable assemblies for customers in many fields, including: semiconductors, medical equipment, telecommunications, computers, the automotive industry and the military. Responding to small lot, custom assemblies as well as high volume, 'Just-In-Time' custom cable and harness assemblies. We welcome the opportunity to bring you our services and expertise in finely crafted, professional assemblies fully compliant with MIL-I-45208, MIL-Q-9858, MIL-C-54662, UL and CSA.


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