About Us



We provide extensive knowledge and experience in PWB circuit design {Digital, Analog, RF, Microwave & impedance matching} and electrical engineering, from concept through configuration within both the commercial {IPC}, Military and other diverse environments. We support state-of-the-art CAD software in order to achieve design flexibility and efficiency. Decades of experience, and interfacing directly with PWB manufacturer’s engineering staffs leads to understanding the needs of these fabricators and assembly facilities thereby producing designs which require less CAM tooling at the prototype stage, less ‘surprises’ at the assembly stage {such as unbalanced construction} and generally eliminating the need for expensive, time consuming and {more importantly} unnecessary design iterations.

We achieve this through our philosophy and methods of stressing ‘communication’ with our clients thereby understanding their goals and requirements. Rigorous attention to detail translates to asking every appropriate question and actively pursuing all the relevant information applicable to bringing the design to fruition rather than merely relying on the data supplied by the engineering liaison or client.

By exercising the highest level of ‘craftsmanship’ we design a board with fewer layers, fewer yet larger vias, wider tracks & spacing and without errors. Craftsmanship means not relying on software driven, automated design solutions such as auto-routers. When used appropriately these tools can help in reducing design time however, by themselves, they produce only poor to moderate quality work, more often requiring more layers, narrower design rules {Trace & Space} and always utilizing excessive vias.

Board Fabrication


We support quick turn prototype through production PWB manufacturing within the commercial (IPC), ITAR and mil-spec environments (manufactured within the US) with a variety of materials such as Duroid, Aluminum clad, Teflon and Ceramics, the normal FR4s as well as Polyimide materials not to mention composite and mixed dielectric boards.

Multiple finish types including soft and hard gold, white immersion tin, electroless nickel, immersion silver, ENIG and well as more standard leaded and unleaded solders. Let us know what you need ~ we’ll get it done.

Flex & Rigid-Flex

We support IPC 6013 Types I, II, III & IV Flex and Rigid-Flex boards. We can also support the applicable Mil-Specs related to those PWBs. Our cage code was 1JZSO under the old DESC system; it hasn’t changed with the SAM.GOV system were Phoenix’s presence in that system important.